Arbus Boustabout Reviews a Book

Atlantis Found A Dirk Pitt novel of 533 pages published in 1999 with an introduction to why do we read crappy books. This is Arden Blingem and I am out traveling. Arbus will handle this post. Arbus Boustabout here reviewing an old book, but also giving my general opinion of crappy adventure novels. (Blingem is … Continue reading Arbus Boustabout Reviews a Book

Arbus Boustabout – Original

NOT ARBUS In the last post, I introduced you to Suzanna Boustabout and now I am going to introduce you to her husband, Arbus. I met him a long time ago in DC. He is a pain in my ass, but a good friend. Once, when I got into a fight with some tosser, he … Continue reading Arbus Boustabout – Original