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The definition of effort is a vigorous or determined attempt.


A little more than a year ago, I found myself out of a job, divorced and in need of some direction.  I couldn’t bear to stare into the abyss of self pity, so I decided to do 2 things (well… 3 really),  I would get up really early and read for an hour and I would run for 30 minutes.  The third, which I didn’t really believe I would do, is write book reports on what I had been reading.

This was blurted out at the beginning of my unemployment to give me a job.  When I started taking notes about the books, then that became the job and figuring out what the “blog” would be about.  Well, bollocks, I just wanted it to be about books!  There are great web sites out there with reviews and mini reviews and treatises and there are books about books.  There is even a great website giving you little short synopsis of books.

So a few days ago,  I started reading a book called The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron and it gave me a little confidence to do this.  Then, I read about a guy named Seth Godin and put his 2 most famous books on my list of books. And I just finished a fabulous biography of Ben Franklin and that got me thinking about how Andrew Carnegie worked and the massive productivity of  Tim Ferris in the 4 hour work week. That lead me to think of a book called Deep Work by Cal Newport.  So in just a few days, all my reading seems to be pushing me.

The goal is to share the joys of the books I have read and hopefully get you to read more and read wide.  (I am going to talk about the value of a list of books to read.) . I am not going to critique, though I will be honest about what I feel about the books, I think all books have something to offer.  (I love bad entertainment.  So, I haven”t really met TVs or movies that I can’t find something in them.)

So read them all, History, fiction, business, self improvement, whatever.  The books exist to give you something and they are literally just waiting for you to pick them up.  If there is a book that you keep thinking about, put it on a list any list, grocery list, list in Evernote, next to your to do list, on your to do list.  I have a list next to my bed,in my bathroom, on my computer.  Just write the name of the book down.  Write down what you want to learn.  And then, set aside some time.  Early in the morning, late at night and itcan be a stupid amount of time.  I like 7 minutes because that is an amount of time that is more than 5 minutes but not a commitment either.

Just read books.




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