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There are 7 things you need to know about this book by Carol Dweck.  (Phd from Stanford…no less)

  1. It is incredibly Stupid.   I mean totally  inane, idiotic, crass.  It is the dumbest book I have ever read.  Some LA TI DA professor from California wrote a book about how your mindset matters.  FFS! My grandpa told me that while I was sittin’ on his knee next to the Thames, “Timmy Lad,” he would say, (I don’t know why he thought my name was Timmy. Daft Bastard.)  “You know, if at first you don’t succeed, try try again.”  That’s what this PHD from Stanford said!  That’s exactly it.  My grandfather was an irish coal miner who had fallen and hit his head numerous times!  She came through the academics and found out the same thing!
  2.   This book is boring.   Ya see the thing we talk about above.  They tell us this over and over with lots of examples of how, little Davy who has a growth mindset got his arse kicked, but oh no.  Davy doesn’t care.  He gets up, wipes himself off and becomes world bare knucks champ or some such sh*t.  Again and again with the people who quit because they are slow or dumb amount to nothing.  I don’t think that’s fair.  It’s just plain mean. It’s boring.  Aye, but that’s it.  That’s the rub.  You have to read this book as a challenge, as its own fight.  You have to look really really hard to make this book any good.
  3.   This book tries to make mindset like a real thing, all scientific and sh*t.  But it’s not.  It’s just stupid.  How can you tell me that if I run a race and I find out I am not fast to try again?  That’s just bollocks.  It’s stupid.  That’s the same thing with your brain.  I never could get logarithms, who can?  mathematicians, geniuses maybe.  But that’s it, no one needs that crock.  Just accept the fact that you are daft, grab a pint and be done with it.  It’s not REAL.
  4. Oh and think about this.  If it is not as simple as:
    • I tried, I failed I can’t do it….or
    • I tried, I am great, I want to do it some more and get lots of fame and quid

Then what is it?  What can we do?  It’s not like G_d doesn’t want to protect us from being idiots or worse….gettin’ eaten by bears.  So, say you want to go hiking…and you aren’t really good at that sort of woodsy rot.  Then you don’t go hiking and you don’t get eaten by a bear.  SIMPLE.

5.   I don’t think this is a quote from the book, but it so dumb that it might as well have come from the book.  “Becoming is better than being.”  Just ask a Kardashian that.  The wee one with the big hair and lips, it took her like 20 minutes to make a billion dollars.  Do you think she enjoyed that 20 minutes?  No.  Now, imagine yourself with no talent or without all those resources and working your whole life to get maybe a million or even less?  Do you think that will be fun.  Bollocks! NO!  YOU JUST HAVE TO GET LUCKY WIN THE LOTTERY AND GET DRUNK.  (then, you know, spend it all on stoopid sh*t, until its gone.)  That is the real way of the world. (Try again?…umph!)

6.  Last but not least,  (I know, I know…I said 7, well shoot me then send me up into the sky.)  When you read this book, you will get an aha moment.  You will look back all wistfully like you are Heathcliff or some such rot, wind blowing through your curly locks, “I should have asked Sandra out…..”  STOP IT.  You know she wouldn’t have gone out with you.  You are a fat idiot and you don’t deserve Sandra.  Besides, Sandra is a tart.  So, don’t let that aha moment sneak up on you.

Well.  I feel a lot better about telling you what this book MINDSET is really about.  Run away from this book.  It will make you mad.  You might want to try new things.  You might start to believe stuff about yourself that may or may not be true.  RESIST.

Grab a pint.  Sit down.  Stay very very still. Do nothing.


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