I threw away a novel

I threw away a novel and I couldn’t be happier. It is not against the law.

Sometimes a book isn’t right for you.

First, it wasn’t a big waste, it was used and I found it in a rubbish bin for 25 pence.

I have good reasons to throw this piece of crap away. (First, not really a piece of crap.)

  1. I wanted to read it for a woman’s perspective. Woman writer, woman main character, hell this even has a woman bad guy. I wanted to learn something from the writing. The writing was competent. Even good. It did nothing. What was in it didn’t interest me and gave me nothing.
  2. I like a certain amount of speed in a novel. (May not apply to some classics.) but this novel had no speed and if no speed, shouldn’t you have depth? Or character? I found nothing.
  3. That brings me to the ultimate sin and probably the main reason, I let the novel go. I didn’t care. I didn’t have a single feeling about a single character. I couldn’t get next to her or her or him. I couldn’t hate the supposed bad person. I couldn’t figure out what was really going on.

I say, sometimes, just go. Just move on.

She is just a good writer and I didn’t get a different perspective from her. It is more than possible that I am not a good receiver now. No matter. On with it.

The lack of speed made me feel generally daft and slow. And I couldn’t get past that. I didn’t feel any tension. Tension is good.

I didn’t care about anything. The place the situation or the characters. Nothing

The place was Savannah and it is lovely but…clunk. The situation? Huh, dud.

The characters were not just flat but so flat that I couldn’t…I couldn’t do anything with them. The tough and manipulative DA, the hard-nosed and famous medical examiner, the ex smoker detective who steals a cigarette now and then. Blah blah.

The murderer who we don’t know is not even stupid or evil. Bollocks! I can’t figure what she is.

There is a mentally challenged woman who is about to get executed that seems to have worn out all of her appeals and I don’t even care about her. I am horrible!

And I didn’t see the novel adding to my life, so I tossed it.

And I grabbed a different book.

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