I suggest you start a list or 3 of books

A reading list just makes good sense.

I knew this a long time ago, yet it didn’t help much.

When I was a teenager, I imagined reading all the great books.I didn’t write the list down. A list in your head is not a list.

I had this list of books in my head. It made me mental. I couldn’t remember it and I wasn’t patient and I couldn’t remember it.

Fast forward a few years and I read books on occasion and I read lots of mags and rags and newspapers.

I could spout off about books, oh yes this is about x not oh pardon me …..Bollocks! I was fake, a poseur, full of it. The truth is….I don’t think in the past 30 years I have read 40 books. It shows you can fake it.

I strive for a book a week for over a year and all I do is fall backward. I have read 25 books in the past 15 months. That’s not even 1 every 2 weeks! (And you are supposed to know your onions?)

Six years ago I discovered Evernote (the web application) and I use it for thoughts and lists and reading material. I can sync up my notes anywhere.

One of the lists that I made in Evernote was a list of books, movies, authors anything that caught my fancy. I add to it, make new lists and I use it at bookstores and on Amazon and such. I ended up with a mish mash of 10 to 20 lists, with no rhyme or reason.

After my divorce, I wanted to be useful and not hopeless and I didn’t want to cry in front of my darling daughter all the time.

The first thing i did was make a list based on what I wanted to learn about. Business, science, entrepreneurs and lots of ideas about random doofers. (I had dreams of changing jobs or starting a business fresh in America, get away from drab old England.)

Anyway the Billionaire investor Charles Munger (and partner of Warren Buffett) is an avid reader and he also likes to think. (Lots of successful people are big readers.)

He also talks about expanding your field of knowledge or some such rot.

He had a list of books that he liked and he divided them into different interests. Reading with purpose, to learn, to grow. That was what I wanted.

But he also talked about how to hang on to this knowledge, a mental framework or something like that.

So I took my odd and scattered lists and built a few specific lists. I wanted to be organized and read with intent, with effort.

Below are my sections or interests:

  1. Biography
  2. History
  3. Self / psychology
  4. Business and entrepreneurship
  5. Science
  6. Fiction
  7. Philosophy and Religion

I have books in each of the above sections and I pick 2 or 3 at a time from various areas and I read at certain times of the day.

Lists are a start. Action gets you going. Action is accomplishment.

And if you have a list to choose from you can’t get bored and you can have a plan, instantly.

It’s brilliant and it can be anything. From starting a business like me or reading the 100 greatest books of all time, or chasing down your religion or finding out about history.

Books are always ready to be read!

My list keeps me going. It is organized and it is clear.

I lean toward non fiction but my fiction list has opened up a whole new world for me.

My cousin Arbus won’t admit it but the non- fiction has helped his fiction addicted arse as well.

Suffice it to say.

You have already decided on some books to read, now, you just have to read them.

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