I like to read Essays

I have had a little delay. A block really.  I don’t know how…or why….

I told a couple of people about this blog and….I got stopped, my mind slammed shut, I’ve had this thing working for more than a month and I couldn’t even open it, to look at it much less to write it.

I have developed some sort of terror, some sort of night sweats about this now.

Here I was just minding my own business, writing about books and how much i like reading and then, I told two (2) people, TWO!!!

Picture this….me as a young man as an old time blogger with a typewriter…. Pecking away…sauntering down this lane of my brain..Ody Oat Oh!, I sing, I saunter some more. (Almost a skip, really, but….then..) I TOLD TWO PEOPLE….AND SLAM, SMACK, SHEBANG!!! DONE, DUMB, STOP IT/…. SHUT IT DOWN CHARLIE!!!

My brain said, “No more of this for you, you, you SCALAWAG!”

So 2 people know about this. Wut? Who cares? I do apparently.

I have to get a hold of me knickers, I am gobsmacked. (I think).

So enough of this crying and whining. Keep reading.


Last summer, I read 10 famous essays.

(I listed a few of my favorites down below.)

I really loved it. Essays are fun, informative and free form. They can be about almost anything and nothing too. The best essays linger in your mind like a song and you learn something.

I have even attached the pdf files at the bottom of this post. (Actually, I didn’t because I didn’t know how or the rules on them. I will work on that. You can find them though, they are out there, on the interwebs.)


  1. Letter from a Birmingham Jail – Martin Luther King – 5700 words – response to 6 ministers saying he needed to stop the non violent protests and not travel to other areas.He laid out in detail why he did all of the the things he did and the whole letter is based in love and hope. (This is a long, but very readable and interesting look at protests.)
  2. Corn-pone opinions by Mark Twain 1901 – 1400 words. How most opinions are actually popular opinion and no one has their own opinions. As a boy he had watched a young black man probably in his teens make the statement – “you tell me whar a man gits his corn pone, en I’ll tell you what is ‘pinions is.” Basically saying a man is not truly free and cannot afford opinions that may affect his bread and butter. The use of the language at the time and the spelling is amazing.
  3. The Hills of Zion written in 1925 by H.L. Mencken, it was about the Scopes Monkey Trial and the religion or religious that surrounded this trial. It is a strange essay, but very clear.
  4. Graduation by Maya Angelou, about how even the best of intentions can go wrong.
  5. Death of Moth by Annie Dillard about the love of nature.
  6. My Face by Robert Benchley a humorous look at self and awareness.

I like essays because they can be short or long, but they have to be detailed and have a point of view. I think they show a richness in culture. I think they are a great combination of truth and opinion, reporting and commentary. I think an essays an inner story about who wrote it and the community he writes about.

I know these are really old essays.  Does anyone have an essay they recommend?

One thought on “I like to read Essays

  1. Arden, I love your perspective and the fact that you challenge me to try new things. I’ll try out these essays; I am intrigued in away that I would not be if I had just heard you say this in conversation. Have a blessed day.


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