DEEP WORK -Prologue

I read this book by Cal Newport about 6 months ago. It is incredibly brilliant and valuable and it is famous. Yet, I have a really difficult time explaining why.

We live in an incredibly fast world. We carry little boxes with TVs and as much information as we can digest. We sit in front of the idiot box and summon any type of entertainment.

When do we stop and think? I mean really think,really work?

I want this to be really good, really clear. I might not make it, because I can hear so many noises from people and music in the other room. I get tweets and twits send me emails that are not even about me. I am always distracted.

How can I post concisely and to the point?

Deep work is valuable, rare and meaningful.

The above is a simple sentence, yet there is a lot of argy bargy about it. No one that I know believes that Deep work exists. (Not my friends for sure.)

Part of the definition of deep work is that it is not easily reproducible. Shallow work is quick emails, filling out forms etc. DEEP WORK IS NOT EASY.

Rule No. 1 is to work deeply. It means no distractions, intense focus, controlling your effort. It means taking the time to go through the different iterations and possibilities and it means not giving up. And when truly set up for deep, you find your inner ideas and you put them out there. They can’t be reproduced because when you work deeply, you can only produce what you can produce. NO ONE ELSE IS CAN DO WHAT YOU CAN DO.

In adapting DEEP WORK as part of your life you are attempting the most difficult thing; the pursuit of life well lived/ a life filled with meaning, a life filled with originality, creativity and grace.

Deep work is invaluable to life. Try it.

What can be worked deeply ? I believe anything, but here are examples.

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Designing
  • Building
  • Coding

A truly human connection is what you are working on. It needs to be a production. When you work deeply you have to produce something that you can send out.

To truly work deeply you have to set up your life to do that. You cannot accept the shallow.

In order to truly work deeply you must do the following:

  • The shallow part of life must be limited.
  • Recharge by spending time in nature and sleeping and playing.
  • Do everything on purpose, don’t be loosey goosey.

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